Water Tank Relining & Coating Solutions

Water Tank Relining & Water Tank Refurbishment

Echo Square provide internal tank relining and water tank repair of all types of water tanks and process vessels. We have highly trained teams of coating applicators, mechanical engineers and water hygiene experts throughout the country capable of ensuring your sites cold water storage tanks are extensively refurbished, relined and most importantly compliant with ACoP L8 by carrying out all required associated remedial works.

Water Tank

Flexible, safe & long lasting. Ideal for a variety of tank types. 10 year minimum guarantee.

Butyl / EPDM Tank Liners

Water Tank Liners are quick to install and durable. Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

Bund Relining/ Coating

Durable & cost-effective long-term protection for standard and chemical bunds.


Internal refurbishment and relining of pipework which are in inaccessible locations.

Our solutions are available throughout the UK and Ireland with an enviable reputation for delivering the highest level of service combined with a short lead time and minimal disruption ensures you’re in good hands. This is backed by our industry leading minimum guarantee of 10 years upon completion of all relining projects.

Due to our years of experience working within the water treatment industry, we have proven time and again that all cold water storage tanks, cooling towers & process vessels can be fully refurbished and relined regardless of what condition they are currently in, therefore avoiding extremely costly and time consuming water tank replacement works.

As a UK and Ireland approved applicator of our high performance WRAS approved solvent-free polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU our highly trained in house applicators have full capabilities to completely refurbish and reline all liquid retaining structures.

Specialists in the Repair, Refurbishment & Relining of the Following Liquid Retaining Structures

“Even heavily corroded tanks can now be fully refurbished and brought up to
standard for significantly less than a new replacement storage tank”.

The Product – ES 988 DWPU

Echo Square Tank Relining is very proud to be a UK and Ireland supplier and applicator of our specifically formulated WRAS certified polyurethane based tank reline solution.

ES 988 DWPU is a high build, solvent-free urethane, anti-corrosive coating. It is designed for the efficient long term protection of pumps, valves, pipe fittings and equipment which is used successfully worldwide. Its impressive characteristics include non-shrinking, excellent chemical resistance and flexibility when cured.

It also meets the requirements of BS6920:1990 as required by the Water Research Centre.

Specialist Tank Coating Services

Our consultants will make a full assessment of your current system and outline the most cost-effective solution. Our expertise enables us to reline and refurbish water storage tanks that previously would be considered ‘beyond repair’ (see Risk Factors & Signs of Tank Damage). By choosing a competent and experienced company such as Echo Square you can be sure the end result will be of the highest quality and deliver exceptional performance, full legislative compliance and a long lifespan. Once a tank reline is complete we then clean the tank too!

To back up our confidence in our expert storage tank reline solution we offer up to 15 years guarantee on all tank relining projects. The guarantee duration will be made clear at the time of quotation and provided in writing.

We stand by our products and services and as a leading UK supplier of water tank reline solutions you can rest assured we will provide the highest level of service coupled with unrivalled quality.

Water Tank Relining Project before
GRP water tank before relining
Water Tank Relining base coat
Application of base coat ES 988 DWPU (grey)
Water Tank Relining completed
Application of top coat ES 988 DWPU (blue)

In addition to our ES 988 DWPU water tank reline service we also offer replacement fire sprinkler tank liners for structures that are not suitable for a polyurethane solution. These include water tanks manufactured by Franklin Hodge. Corrugated water tanks and various types of fire sprinkler water tanks also require a ‘sheet’ liner.

As with all solutions offered by Echo Square we only employ skilled and experienced consultants, engineers and technicians. This ensures that every tank reline is carried out to the highest standard of quality, durability and compliance.

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What are the advantages of water tank relining?

There are numerous major benefits that can be achieved by relining your sites cold water storage tanks utilising our flexible polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU they include:

Cost effective alternative to full water tank replacement works

Carrying out full water tank replacements can be very costly and time consuming therefore water tank relining can be a far more cost-effective alternative which ensures far less disruption is caused to a building’s services and occupants.

Less downtime

Tank relines can be carried out during “out of hours” working times & over weekends, often water tanks and process vessels are separated into two separate compartments, which ensure operatives are able to work on one compartment at a time, therefore keeping one compartment online at all times and ensuring the water system down services do not require isolating.

Fast curing times

Our solvent free polyurethane system ES 988 DWPU has very fast curing times which ensures in some cases full water tank relines can be carried out within just a couple of days, the fully refurbished water tank can then be cleaned, disinfected & refilled in line with ACoP L8 guidelines prior to being put back into service.

Coating flexibility

ES 988 DWPU once cured is extremely flexible with elongation properties of up to 35% ensuring it can accommodate all structural movements GRP, Steel & concrete structures naturally undergo when emptying and refilling, if a water tank is situated outside the coating is able to cope with the natural expansion and subtraction it undergoes due to temperature changes throughout the seasons.

WRAS approved

Our high performance polyurethane coating ES 988 DWPU is WRAS approved ensuring its perfect compatibility in conjunction with the internal relining of drinking water (potable) structures such as GRP & galvanised steel cold water storage tanks, cooling towers & process vessels.

Poor access

Often we find that existing water tanks have been constructed in areas which are difficult to access therefore resulting in situations where it is almost impossible to replace the failed structure, water tank relining is the ultimate solution for such circumstances as our tank relining system can be utilised without any requirement to disturb the current cold water storage tanks location. Once again ensuring disturbance and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Water hygiene

Heavily corroded cold water storage tanks provide the perfect harbouring ground for harmful bacteria such as Legionella, corrosion issues are completely eradicated when a full tank reline is carried out as our coating once cured leaves a tile like finish therefore ensuring the tanks internal surfaces are compliant with ACoP L8 guidelines by no longer promoting the growth of harmful bacteria or providing an environment for corrosion to persist.

Future Maintenance

When cured ES 988 DWPU coating leaves a hard tile like finish which is also chemical resistant ensuring relined water tanks are far easier to inspect and disfinfect when required as part of all ACoP L8 compliant maintenance regimes.

Long-term Guarantee

Upon completion of all water tank relining projects our clients receive a full photographic completion report accompanied by our minimum 10 year guarantee covering against leaks, corrosion issues and osmosis blistering. Typically, new GRP cold water storage tank installations are only warrantied for 12 months upon completion.

How are water tanks relined?

Every tank relining project is unique, often the most appropriate relining process is dependent on the structures size, how its constructed, the water tanks internal condition and what substrate our operatives would be preparing and applying our coating to i.e. if the water tank is concrete, galvanised steel, or glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

Preparation is essential

Regardless of what material a cold water storage tank is constructed from the internal surfaces of all structures must be extensively prepared before our coating is applied. This process includes the removal of all loose material and contaminants using manual hand tools or utilising shot blasting equipment, once this process is completed the internal joints of the structure are strengthened to increase the water tanks structural integrity.

Application of ES 988 DWPU Solvent free polyurethane coating

Once the structures internal surfaces have been extensively prepared, all joints are initially stripe coated prior to applying the first coating of ES 988 DWPU (grey) across all internal surfaces the coating is then left to cure before then finally applying the second coating of ES 988 DWPU (blue) which is then left to cure. Finally, the structure is thoroughly inspected prior to being clean & disinfected in line with ACoP L8 guidelines before being filled and placed back online.

Risk Factors & Signs of Tank Damage

Liquid storage tanks are subject to pressure and corrosion from water, fuel or other liquids contained within. The sheer weight of the liquid puts pressure on the joints, walls and base of the structure. Over time wear and tear occurs leading to corrosion which causes contamination of the water. In addition leaks can develop which allows further contamination due to the ability of foreign material and bacteria to enter the tank through the leak point.

In house water testing may suggest you have a leak as raised bacteria levels will likely be detected. It is important to ensure you have procedures in place to monitor and control the risks of Legionella bacteria. Furthermore if the leak is significant and depending on the location of the tank there may be water damage to nearby structures and equipment. This can happen relatively quickly if the bund is in poor condition or if there is no bund present. Regular visual inspections will help you to spot problems early and enable low-cost repairs. We offer a full bund lining and repair service to ensure your water storage tank system operates at optimal performance and is fully compliant.

Our engineers can also service associated pipework and our manufacturing facility enables us to provide bespoke solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our full water tank reline and water tank repair service provides a long-term solution at a much lower cost than full water tank replacement. We also provide a water tank cleaning & disinfection service which can be carried out on an annual basis following on from carrying out a full tank reline.

Water Tank Leaking
Water Tank Damage

Nationwide Service Coverage

Our water tank relining teams are set up to provide fast and dependable service throughout England, Scotland, Wales and both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As part of one of the nation’s largest and most trusted water system suppliers we are backed by teams offering water tank relining in London, Kent, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton, South East of England, Dublin & Belfast. Our teams can provide our services to the highest standard anywhere in the UK.

Echo Square Tank Relining has an enviable reputation for carrying out successful projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry sectors from NHS hospital sites and factories to schools and residential properties. Should you require any further information why not contact our friendly team and see how we can help?

Who We've Worked With

James Eckloff
James Eckloff
We used Echo Square services to reline a water tank in a local school recently, fantastic work and completed within the timescales needed
Gaetano milazzo
Gaetano milazzo
Had a cold water tank in the loft full of dust, wasp and flies. Tanks were cleaned to a very good standard, considering the awkwardness of the job. Very happy with the service
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
We were carrying out plumbing works on a site in London where we discovered a badly leaking GRP water tank, the Echo Square Services team attended site as quickly as possible to repair the leak and reline the tank. We will definitely contact them next time we are faced with a similar issue - would highly recommend.
Daniel Sheen
Daniel Sheen
We had a heavily leaking metal water tank above our office which was leaking through our ceiling, Echo Square Services repaired the leak and relined the tank just two days after we made the enquiry!
Harold Carter
Harold Carter
Arrived very quickly when the crisis developed in the 100-year-old water tanks in this Grade 1 listed building; did what looks a highly professional job (re-lining two hard to get at tanks in the roof) all in one day - which involved working really late - and were careful to make no mess and cause no damage. So far, it looks a great job at a reasonable cost.
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
I have used Nationwide Tank Relining on two occasions now and each time I have been absolutely delighted with their service, ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism from start to finish. I will definitely be requesting their services again in the future.
Luke Busby
Luke Busby
Working with James was a pleasure, thanks again bud will be in touch for my next project
I contacted ECHOSquare to reline our water tank due to it being damaged and developing a leak, we needed the job doing ASAP as our site had no water so staff had to be sent home until it was fixed, James understood how urgent the job was and he was i spoke with him on the Friday and he was able to get the job booked in for the Monday, all The necessary Paper work, IE Rams & Training Certificates were sent to me via email before the guys got to site, from start to finish the service was excellent, Thanks ECHOSquare.
Dark Iron Fabrications
Dark Iron Fabrications
The team was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Glad to speak to people who know what they're doing. Won't hesitate to use them again in the future
Rachel Pickett
Rachel Pickett
Having used other companies in the past I can wholeheartedly say that our dealings with Nationwide Tank Relining have been a breath of fresh air. We have had tanks relined, water hygiene assessments and floor coatings. All work was carried out in a timely manner and the quality of work has each and every time been exemplary. My bosses are thrilled with my decision to switch to Nationwide Tank Relining and a tank that was relined 10 years ago by them still looks good as new internally, and the money we've saved from choosing the right supplier has proven to be a very smart business move. Highly recommended!

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The quality of our product combined with our skilled team of applicators means we can offer a comprehensive guarantee of up to 15 years (10 year minimum guarantee).

You can rest assured that Echo Square will provide the very best service from start to finish and emergency backup should you ever need it.

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