Water Tank Cleaning & Water Tank Disinfections

Echo Square’s Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Service

Water Tank Cleaning & Water Tank Disinfections is of paramount importance. This Ensures your water system’s are safe and free from harmful bacteria. Including Legionella, E.coli & Pseudomonas.

Rust, scale and debris which can be commonly found within neglected cold water storage tanks. Providing a perfect harbouring ground for these types of bacteria. Therefore it is essential that your sites cold water tanks are routinely inspected, maintained, cleaned and disinfected when required. This ensures you are compliant with the Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8’s stringent guidelines.

Water Tanks are most likely found in houses, hospitals, commerical buildings, schools and many other buildings. They are used to store a vast amount of water from the mains supply, which then provides the buildings various outlets with water. The tanks are then replenished by the mains supply at a steady rate.

Echo Square provide nationwide water tank cleaning & water tank disinfections of cold water storage tanks, where we provide all our clients with a disinfection certificate upon completion of our tank cleaning works for their records.

Additionally, we provide this service after we perform our Tank Relining service.

Glass of water from a water tank

The Importance of Water Tank Cleaning & Water Tank Disinfections

Keeping a cold water tank clean and disinfected is extremely important to keep a high level of water hygiene at all times. It protects the water tanks users which is vital, especially if the users are children, the elderly or vulnerable people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Is Your Water Tank Compliant?

All cold water storage tanks are required to be internally and externally inspected annually at an absolute minimum to ensure compliance with ACoP L8.

This allows checks to be carried out to see if the water tank requires either cleaning, disinfecting, repairing or if you need to replace your water tank. If drinking water is served on the premises it is even more important these checks are made regularly.

Legionella control engineers or trained in house staff must assess the general condition of cold water storage tanks to ensure they have an adequate turnover of water and no biofilm is present on the water’s surface.

They must also check that there is no build up of sediment on the base of the water tank which has the potential to harbour harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

Further Water Tank Legalities

Routine TVC (total viable count) and Legionella sampling of your sites cold water tanks carried out by Legionella control engineers also help to ensure your sites cold water storage tanks are free from harmful bacteria such as Legionella, E.coli & Pseudomonas.

If any of the water tank issues above are present, a water tank clean and disinfection inline with BS:8558 – 2015 & ACoP L8 guidelines is recommended.

Annual water tank cleaning is not a legal requirement, however annual water tank inspections are, therefore if any of the issues above are apparent a water tank clean and disinfection is recommended to be carried out.

For more information on common non-compliant issues which would require further remedial actions such as water tank repairs and water tank relining please check our water tank issues page.

How it Works

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When you need this Service

New or Refurbished Installation

When you’ve just had a new or refurbished Water Tank installation.

New Components or Equipment

Installed new equipment or components? A clean/disinfection is recommended.

Tank is inactive for some time

If you’ve not used the tank for some time, a full clean is recommended.

Contamination or Stagnation

Significant contamination or Stagnation is identified.

Water System Contamination

Parts of the water system has been contaminated from maintenance work.

Microbial Contamination

Indications of excessive Microbial Contamination.

Legionnaires’ disease

Most importantly, if there is an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

Legionnaires Risk Assessment

If advised after a Legionnaires Risk Assessment has taken place.

Who We've Worked With

James Eckloff
James Eckloff
We used Echo Square services to reline a water tank in a local school recently, fantastic work and completed within the timescales needed
Gaetano milazzo
Gaetano milazzo
Had a cold water tank in the loft full of dust, wasp and flies. Tanks were cleaned to a very good standard, considering the awkwardness of the job. Very happy with the service
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
We were carrying out plumbing works on a site in London where we discovered a badly leaking GRP water tank, the Echo Square Services team attended site as quickly as possible to repair the leak and reline the tank. We will definitely contact them next time we are faced with a similar issue - would highly recommend.
Daniel Sheen
Daniel Sheen
We had a heavily leaking metal water tank above our office which was leaking through our ceiling, Echo Square Services repaired the leak and relined the tank just two days after we made the enquiry!
Harold Carter
Harold Carter
Arrived very quickly when the crisis developed in the 100-year-old water tanks in this Grade 1 listed building; did what looks a highly professional job (re-lining two hard to get at tanks in the roof) all in one day - which involved working really late - and were careful to make no mess and cause no damage. So far, it looks a great job at a reasonable cost.
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
I have used Nationwide Tank Relining on two occasions now and each time I have been absolutely delighted with their service, ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism from start to finish. I will definitely be requesting their services again in the future.
Luke Busby
Luke Busby
Working with James was a pleasure, thanks again bud will be in touch for my next project
I contacted ECHOSquare to reline our water tank due to it being damaged and developing a leak, we needed the job doing ASAP as our site had no water so staff had to be sent home until it was fixed, James understood how urgent the job was and he was i spoke with him on the Friday and he was able to get the job booked in for the Monday, all The necessary Paper work, IE Rams & Training Certificates were sent to me via email before the guys got to site, from start to finish the service was excellent, Thanks ECHOSquare.
Dark Iron Fabrications
Dark Iron Fabrications
The team was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Glad to speak to people who know what they're doing. Won't hesitate to use them again in the future
Rachel Pickett
Rachel Pickett
Having used other companies in the past I can wholeheartedly say that our dealings with Nationwide Tank Relining have been a breath of fresh air. We have had tanks relined, water hygiene assessments and floor coatings. All work was carried out in a timely manner and the quality of work has each and every time been exemplary. My bosses are thrilled with my decision to switch to Nationwide Tank Relining and a tank that was relined 10 years ago by them still looks good as new internally, and the money we've saved from choosing the right supplier has proven to be a very smart business move. Highly recommended!

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