Replacement Sprinkler Water Tank Liners

Butyl Rubber / EPDM Replacement Sprinkler Water Tank Liners

In some cases corrugated cold water storage tanks and many variations of sprinkler cold water storage tanks can only be relined using a Butyl rubber or EPDM liner (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber). Old sprinkler tank liners can begin to leak or become damaged causing a number of potential problems.

Echo Square have extensive experience in fitting high quality replacement EPDM liners in all types of liquid storage tanks where a coating system would not be suitable.

Echo Square can provide a new liner to existing rubber-lined cold water storage tanks. We offer a full installation service whereby the old failed liner is removed and all fixing flanges can be replaced along with their respective nuts, bolts and gaskets to ensure the longest possible service life. The new EPDM sprinkler tank liner is installed on top of a geotextile matting layer for additional protection. Finally a thorough visual inspection is carried out prior to refilling the sprinkler tank.

All replacement liner works are guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years upon completion against leaking.

If you would like to find out more about our long-term cost effective solutions please feel free to contact our friendly team.

Cost Effective
Minimal Downtime

Sprinkler Tanks are vital for the safe operation of all buildings therefore a replacement Sprinkler Tank Liner
must to be installed as quickly and efficiently as possible when required

Success with Replacement Tank Liners

We have successfully installed hundreds of replacement tank liners throughout England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland as a cost-effective way to protect and maintain many types of liquid storage tanks.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will ensure your tank lining works are completed promptly and to the very highest standard. We have plenty of references to provide from our many clients.

We are committed to providing our solutions in line with all industry specific and general HSE legislative regulations. Our installations meet all compliance requirements.

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When should you replace your Sprinkler Tank Liner?

ROV (remote operated vehicle) surveys are recommended to be carried out every 10 years on all fire sprinkler tanks in compliance with the LPC (loss prevention council) rules & regulations.

These surveys incorporating photos & videos can help ascertain the internal condition of the fire sprinkler tank where further recommendations can then be made in relation to any remedial actions which may need to be carried out to ensure the long term integrity of your sites fire sprinkler tank.

Some of these recommendations may include the following:

–       Refurbishment or replacement of the sprinkler tanks roof purlins
–       Refurbishment of ancillary items within the fire sprinkler tank such as the the suction vortex & corroded tank panels
–       Replacement of all gaskets and seals
–       Replacement of the failed butyl or EPDM liner due to deterioration
–       Installation of a low level access hatch to ensure safe access into the structure for future maintenance.
–       Replacement of faulty ball valves

Echo Square are able to assist in carrying out all of the works above including ROV sprinkler tank surveys when required.

How are Sprinkler Tank Linings replaced?

Following the initial onsite survey of the sprinkler tank which requires relining we can accurately determine what size replacement sprinkler tank liner needs to be supplied as well as what additional ancillary items are required before our operatives attend site.

The required EPDM tank liner is made off site and manufactured to the exact size of the sprinkler tank which requires lining.

We would then arrange a date for our operatives to attend site with our client.

Upon arrival to site our operatives will present our client with our site specific risk assessment and method statement, and attend any health & safety site induction which our clients health and safety representative may require our operatives to carry out.

Our operatives will then change into all required PPE and locate the fire sprinkler tank they will be refurbishing.

All electrical equipment such as the sprinkler tanks pumps and power supply as well as the sprinkler tanks inlet valve will be isolated.

Our operatives will then commence the draining of the sprinkler tank, this could take anywhere from a couple of hours, up to a number of days depending on the capacity of the structure.

Once the draining of the structure has been completed our operatives will begin setting up all required confined spaces equipment such as forced air ventilation, Lighting, and a tripod and harness. (if required)

Our operatives will then access the sprinkler tank either via a low level access hatch or by removing a sprinkler tank panel as close to the base of the sprinkler tank as possible to allow for easier access.

Following entry into the sprinkler tank our operatives would then begin removing all remaining water and sediment from the base of the sprinkler tank utilising a submersible pump and wet vacuum.

The existing failed sprinkler tank liner is then cut into sections and removed from the sprinkler tank via the low level access hatch or the area where the sprinkler tank panel has been removed.

All required additonal remedial works are then carried out such as the refurbishment of the sprinkler tanks roof purlins, replacement of gaskets and seals and the the installation of a low level access hatch should one not already be installed.

refurbished sprinkler tank suction vortex
installation of sprinkler tank low level access hatch

Installation of Sprinkler Tank Geotextile Matting Bag

A geotextile matting bag is then installed underneath the new EPDM liner to act as a barrier between the sprinkler tanks internal walls & tank base.

The purpose of installing a geotextile matting bag behind the EPDM tank lining is to ensure the new EPDM liner is protected from any possible future perforations.

Once installed, the matting bag is retrofitted whilst in situ to accommodate for all tank connections such as the sprinkler tanks suction vortex and drain valve.

Now that the matting bag has been securely fitted into place the low level access hatch or tank panel is then refitted, completely sealing the sprinkler tanks structure.

Our operatives are then in a position to begin hoisting the new bespoke manufactured EPDM liner from the base of the sprinkler tank until it is in place at the top of the sprinkler tank.

The EPDM liner is hung by the sprinkler tanks existing fixings by the stainless steel eyelets which are pre fitted into the EPDM liner.

Finally, now all required remedial actions have been completed and the geotextile matting and EPDM liner has been fitted the fire sprinkler tanks relining and refurbishment is complete and the sprinkler tank can now be refilled and the system reinstated.

Echo Square Service’s have the capabilities to carry out all types of water tank relining and sprinkler tank lining replacement works nationwide.

To see more fantastic examples of projects we have completed so far please check out our news section.

sprinkler tank liner installation

Who We've Worked With

James Eckloff
James Eckloff
We used Echo Square services to reline a water tank in a local school recently, fantastic work and completed within the timescales needed
Gaetano milazzo
Gaetano milazzo
Had a cold water tank in the loft full of dust, wasp and flies. Tanks were cleaned to a very good standard, considering the awkwardness of the job. Very happy with the service
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
We were carrying out plumbing works on a site in London where we discovered a badly leaking GRP water tank, the Echo Square Services team attended site as quickly as possible to repair the leak and reline the tank. We will definitely contact them next time we are faced with a similar issue - would highly recommend.
Daniel Sheen
Daniel Sheen
We had a heavily leaking metal water tank above our office which was leaking through our ceiling, Echo Square Services repaired the leak and relined the tank just two days after we made the enquiry!
Harold Carter
Harold Carter
Arrived very quickly when the crisis developed in the 100-year-old water tanks in this Grade 1 listed building; did what looks a highly professional job (re-lining two hard to get at tanks in the roof) all in one day - which involved working really late - and were careful to make no mess and cause no damage. So far, it looks a great job at a reasonable cost.
Stuart Mills
Stuart Mills
I have used Nationwide Tank Relining on two occasions now and each time I have been absolutely delighted with their service, ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism from start to finish. I will definitely be requesting their services again in the future.
Luke Busby
Luke Busby
Working with James was a pleasure, thanks again bud will be in touch for my next project
I contacted ECHOSquare to reline our water tank due to it being damaged and developing a leak, we needed the job doing ASAP as our site had no water so staff had to be sent home until it was fixed, James understood how urgent the job was and he was i spoke with him on the Friday and he was able to get the job booked in for the Monday, all The necessary Paper work, IE Rams & Training Certificates were sent to me via email before the guys got to site, from start to finish the service was excellent, Thanks ECHOSquare.
Dark Iron Fabrications
Dark Iron Fabrications
The team was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. Glad to speak to people who know what they're doing. Won't hesitate to use them again in the future
Rachel Pickett
Rachel Pickett
Having used other companies in the past I can wholeheartedly say that our dealings with Nationwide Tank Relining have been a breath of fresh air. We have had tanks relined, water hygiene assessments and floor coatings. All work was carried out in a timely manner and the quality of work has each and every time been exemplary. My bosses are thrilled with my decision to switch to Nationwide Tank Relining and a tank that was relined 10 years ago by them still looks good as new internally, and the money we've saved from choosing the right supplier has proven to be a very smart business move. Highly recommended!

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The quality of our product combined with our skilled team of applicators means we can offer a comprehensive guarantee of up to 15 years (10 year minimum guarantee).

You can rest assured that Echo Square will provide the very best service from start to finish and emergency backup should you ever need it.

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